Custom T-shirt Printing Design Online

The custom-made V-neck of high-end clothing shows a slender neck, and the short design also shows long legs. The cuffs and the chest are echoed with cherry, and the girly feeling is perfect. If you are a sweet lady, wear this with some small skirts, and your vitality will explode.

Faced with the pressures of work and life in the current epidemic, it is a good way to seek healing from nature. This Custom T-shirt shows the vitality of plants on clothes, which is very healing. The fabric is double yarn pure cotton, and the slightly loose version is not too picky.

The interesting lamb print custom T-shirt online is really cute by this lamb T-shirt Printing. The whole person lining it is very lively. The main color of off-white and the wool color of the lamb are very harmonious, high-end and durable. The small off-shoulder design adds a sense of leisure, and you can go out with a pair of loose jeans.

The American retro printed T-shirt is the consistent street casual style of the harshandcruel brand. The large retro print occupies the front of the entire custom T-shirt, and the loose version with large dropped shoulders and mid-sleeve design give people a casual and uninhibited trend.

If you like retro, usually love rap and like livehouse, wearing this pair of trendy mopping pants and daddy shoes is very attitude. Japanese fresh orange juice printed T-shirt The ice orange juice in summer can comfort people like a book. The freshness of this T-shirt Design Online seems to give a breath of fresh air in summer.

The loose and straight version with small dropped shoulders is full of leisure and is very tolerant of the figure. Tulip printed T-shirts have set off a craze for tulips this year, and it is also very good to “plant” tulips on T-shirts.

Incorporating the elements of the washed label, the entire print has a creative sense of design. This elegant phalaenopsis print gives a calm and elegant feel. There is also a sense of charm of ink painting, which is very suitable for young ladies with literary style. The color of the milk tea is matched with the cake print, and I look very greedy… The designer came to the design inspiration while drinking afternoon tea.

Custom T-shirt Printing Design

Some urban drainage systems in Europe have a history of hundreds of years. Many manhole covers are well-made, and some have embossed Custom T-shirt styles. The local handicraft enthusiast group took a fancy to this and directly used them to create Custom T-shirt Printing .

The preparatory work in the early stage requires patience, because it takes time to find a beautiful manhole cover suitable for printing. After finding the pattern you like, you must carefully clean the manhole cover, and repeatedly clean it until they are very clean.

Custom T-shirt Printing

Use a brush to clean it carefully so that there will be no smudges when brushing the ink later. Of course, if you deliberately pursue that effect, it is also possible.

Then use a roller brush to carefully apply the environmentally friendly ink on it. The advantage of the roller brush is that it is very easy to brush only the top layer. These craftsmen use this simple method to directly put the T-shirt Printing Design on the top. On the manhole cover, by simply pressing, a pattern is printed, and if you look at the effect, you may think it is very cool.

Custom T-shirt Printing

After such a T-shirt Printing is air-dried, it needs to be heat-treated so that these pigments can be firmly deposited on the surface of the clothes. The easiest way is to find an old-fashioned iron, which is the heating type, and iron it across the paper.

Custom T-shirt Printing

Friends who like it can try it out by themselves. This method is much simpler than screen printing. In fact, there is no need to use a manhole cover. As long as you like it, any item can be used.

Custom T-shirt Printing

For example, this canvas bag, although it is not a T-shirt Printing Design, the pattern printing process and principle is the same, wrench, screw, such common things, brush some ink on it, you can make a very creative pattern, look This effect is actually quite nice.