Custom Made Shirts Design Your Own Shirt

Round neck T-shirt customization generally refers to POLO shirts or T-shirts with logos or advertising slogans, patterns, etc. Therefore, many of us will expand the publicity effect by customizing t-shirts in the advertising stage.

However, the customization of T-shirts is relatively vague, and it is impossible to determine whether the quality of the T-shirts meets the requirements. Custom Made Shirts with poor quality will have a bad impact on our image. Then the details that need to be paid attention to when customizing t-shirts.

When choosing fabrics, first of all, when choosing fabrics, it is necessary to consider not only the comfort but also whether the fabrics are easy to fade. At the same time, the position of the custom logo for the t-shirt also needs to be carefully considered.

In this way, we can show our uniqueness and professionalism when choosing the most suitable t-shirt. Generally speaking, the fabric of Shirts Design is cotton-based fabric, which can be high-count cotton or Tianzhu cotton. But the most important thing is to choose fabrics that are breathable and sweat-wicking.

The choice of size, I think many people will say that there is nothing to say about the size. I have been wearing clothes for decades, do I still not know the size of my clothes? No matter which big brand or custom merchant, they There is no uniform standard for size. First of all, when choosing a custom-made t-shirt, you must contact customer service about the size. Don’t always worry about the size, you can only wear it to fit.

Workmanship and craftsmanship, when customizing a t-shirt, you can carefully look at the connection of the clothes, such as the sleeves. The sleeves refer to the connection between the body and the sleeves. The quality of the workmanship of this connection will greatly affect the wear. flexibility in time.

The second is the printing process. Generally speaking, when there are fewer colors and a large number of customizations Design Your Own Shirt , you can choose screen printing, or you can choose embroidery to improve the level of T-shirt customization. In general, the printing process depends on the pattern and quantity to decide which printing process to choose.