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In the hot summer, the most important thing we wear is custom-made T-shirts. T-shirts are very basic clothing styles and are loved by people. It can be said that one person has one, although T-shirts are generally worn. It is very simple, but as long as it is matched well, it can become a beautiful landscape.

Then let’s take a look at how this fashion blogger can customize a simple Personalized T-shirts with a sense of luxury? Striped T-shirt + khaki slacks. Under normal circumstances, conventional T-shirts are of very simple design style. In order to wear a distinctive feeling, you can choose T-shirts with more unique patterns to wear, but the patterns should not be too large. Exaggerated.

Choose a striped Cheap Custom T-shirts to customize it with khaki slacks. The trousers are solid color, and the top is a striped design, so the visual focus will not be lost.

Although a black T-shirt is tailored to look thin, it lacks a sense of freshness. Girls who want to dress thin can choose black clothing first, but girls who want to wear a fresh look should choose light colors as much as possible. take.

White T-shirt customization has the highest utilization rate among many T-shirts, because it is relatively easier to control, and the visual effect of wearing it has a pure and dynamic feeling. Whether it is used as an inner or outer wear, it is generally not wrong. .

In summer, you can choose a white T-shirt custom with blue jeans. Although the clothing style is very simple, it can wear a clean and sweet feeling. Relatively speaking, a white Custom T-shirts with jeans looks more youthful than a black outfit.

In order to avoid wearing black and white, you can give priority to black and white matching. In general, black and white matching of T-shirts will not go wrong, and you do not choose people. No matter what age girls are, wearing black and white matching will not be wrong. and sense.

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The brand that sells Japanese retro brand Yudan is mainly aimed at the young market. Before following the trend, this white bottoming Personalized T-Shirts was used as a daily wear. The overall feeling is not bad. The thickness of 200g can be worn as an inner layer in spring and early summer.

Personalized T-Shirts

Product features: It is a brand formed after ten years of American vintage culture accumulation. From the opening of Taobao store in 2005 to sell second-hand goods to the sale of Japanese retro brands that are domestic OEMs, to MA1 produced in 2013, to Yokosuka in 2014, and then to Yokosuka in 2015, all of which have created industry-wide sales. Personalized T-Shirts.

Personalized T-Shirts

When I was a teenager, I was exposed to street dance and began to have a crazy love for street culture. The influence of retro brands on my clothing awareness for more than ten years, coupled with the influence of street culture, made our retro style unique.

This BPCALL Custom T-shirt has been worn for about a year and a half, and the upper body is not many times. Since it is more compassionate, it is also well maintained.

Personalized T-Shirts

The feel of this Custom T-shirt is okay. Although it is a fashion brand, it does not have a logo design and can not see the brand, except for the label with the BACALL logo. The upper body of this Custom T-shirt has the texture of pure cotton, and it feels close to the feeling of pure cotton autumn clothes.

Personalized T-Shirts

However, the size of his family may be a little smaller. The 180XL size that I bought is similar to the 175 of other homes. It is not too thin, but the overall shape is too small. Maybe the previous version is more suitable for Japanese. And the neckline is too tight, it may get stuck when wearing it, so you need to pay attention when wearing it. It is recommended to buy one size up.