Design Your Own Shirt Custom Made Shirts

Customized T-shirts can be seen everywhere in daily life and work, especially in the hot summer, seven of ten people are basically T-shirts.

Since T-shirts are so widely used, what details should we pay attention to when choosing fabric materials when customizing T-shirts, and what colors look good with custom T-shirts?

How to choose Design Your Own Shirt , fabric material selection: From the perspective of fiber raw materials, traditional cotton, sheep, silk and linen are still the main choices for T-shirt fabrics, especially new products that use modern technology to modify natural fibers. Consumers love it.

Look at the look: When shopping for custom t-shirts, look at the symmetry of each part of the product. The stitches are smooth, horizontal and vertical. No wrinkling. For example, the width of the two shoulders, the two sleeves, the left and right rib seams should be the same, and the color of the main accessories should be the same.

Custom Made Shirts For stitching, look carefully for pinholes. The dispersibility of knitted products is very strong. Once there are pinholes, they will quickly generate holes, which will affect the use of the product.

The smell of clothes customized T-shirts: According to the national standard “Basic Safety Technical Specifications for National Textile Products”, the product is not allowed to contain one or more mildew, high-boiling oil, fishy smell and aromatic hydrocarbon smell.

When consumers choose to buy a custom T-shirt, they can open the package and smell the samples carefully. Whether the clothes have the above mentioned smells. If so, the product is not up to standard.

Pickup Type: Lapel T-Shirt, POLO Shirt, Round Neck Custom Shirts Design, V-Neck T-Shirt Printing, etc. Fixed Pattern: Wear a loose-fitting T-shirt. When choosing a model, if the body is fat, it must be numbered correctly.