Where Can I Get My T-shirt Printing

On a May day, the newborn summer, the sky is blue and the sun is dazzling. The watermelon-flavored evening breeze, mixed with the orange soda-flavored sunset glow, dispels the last trace of coolness and brings long-planned happiness.

Mung bean ice, apricot skin water, sour plum soup, and more long-awaited romances will all meet you in May. China Select Co-branded White Little T Three Generations · Water Soft Cotton T-shirt Printing, it seems to be a simple regular white T-shirt Printing, but it is actually a work of art with “vitality”.

Gentle and breathable, the fabric is made of rare Xinjiang Aksu long-staple cotton, known as the “jewel on the fiber”, only 658 bolls can be made into a 250-gram, ice silk, smooth, soft, and delicate white small T, and special Add water polishing process.

The fabric is smooth as silk and fits the skin like a mask. Thinner, softer and more refreshing. Special black technology, the fabric has been quenched by -180° liquid ammonia black technology for 300 seconds, and the tensile elasticity is twice that of ordinary pure cotton fabrics.

Machine washed 100 times without deformation, at the same time, it has both hygroscopicity and breathability, you can wear it on your body for a whole summer, and you are free. The T-shirt Printing version is specially customized for Asians. Except for the brand logo, no extra design is added. , let the clothes return to their originality and show the most authentic self.

The 3D tailoring process has a wide and stylish upper body, which makes boys look capable and girls full of vitality, which can easily cope with various occasions and realize the freedom of dressing and matching. The new flavor of the national trend, in addition to the classic white T logo on the cuffs, the Chinese preferred logo is added on the chest, and the traditional seal texture with white characters on a red background makes the whole T-shirt Printing more national trend. The collision between the pioneer and the retro, unlock different street wear, create a national trend CP, and present the light of domestic products.

As a new generation of Guochao brand, “China Select” takes the concept of co-creating joint IP, and conducts strategic cooperation with a variety of different domestic brands. The light of domestic products is seen by more people, creating a new force in the national tide.

This joint name with Bai Xiao T has well realized the combination of “domestic brand + trendy style + Chinese culture”, which is bound to cause a wonderful market chemical reaction. This summer, we are waiting for you to witness together.

High Quality T-shirt Printing

Customized fabrics for promotional T-shirts, most of the current T-shirts are pure cotton, pure polyester, and cotton + pure polyester fabrics. Pure cotton High Quality T-shirt Printing are soft, breathable, and have good hygroscopicity. Under normal circumstances, they can absorb some moisture in the atmosphere, and also have heat preservation and heat resistance.

The pure polyester fabric has good wrinkle resistance and stretch resistance, and it is refreshing and stylish to wear. The pure + polyester material combines the advantages of the above two fabrics. It has certain stretchability and is very suitable for promotion. Fabric for High Quality T-shirt Printing.

High Quality T-shirt Printing

You still don’t know how to customize promotional T-shirts? The color of the customized promotional T-shirt must be carefully selected. The first time people see the salesperson, what they see is not the size and fabric of the Custom T-shirt, but the color of the custom T-shirt. When customizing a promotional T-shirt, you must choose the color carefully. First of all, if the company has a representative color, choose the representative color of the company as the color of the bottom shirt of the T-shirt, so that customers will be impressed by the company at first sight.

High Quality T-shirt Printing

Secondly, if the representative color of the company is too bright or there is no representative color, it is recommended to use the color similar to the product color as the color of the T-shirt bottom shirt. Finally, it is the choice of the public, black, white and gray are three more conservative colors.

High Quality T-shirt Printing

Generally speaking, the price of T-shirt customization is equal to the price of the bottom shirt + the price of printing, and the price of printing is different according to different processes. Also, the greater the quantity of Custom T-shirts, the lower the price.

High Quality T-shirt Printing

In Custom Niu (Crazy Custom), there is a bottom shirt that is especially suitable for customizing promotional T-shirts, that is, combed cotton. Its fabric is soft and delicate, the fabric is light and thin, and the most important thing is that the bottom shirt is rich in color, which can meet the needs of many companies for Request for Custom t-shirt color.

BFFs Personalized Classic T-Shirts

The brand that sells Japanese retro brand Yudan is mainly aimed at the young market. Before following the trend, this white bottoming Personalized T-Shirts was used as a daily wear. The overall feeling is not bad. The thickness of 200g can be worn as an inner layer in spring and early summer.

Personalized T-Shirts

Product features: It is a brand formed after ten years of American vintage culture accumulation. From the opening of Taobao store in 2005 to sell second-hand goods to the sale of Japanese retro brands that are domestic OEMs, to MA1 produced in 2013, to Yokosuka in 2014, and then to Yokosuka in 2015, all of which have created industry-wide sales. Personalized T-Shirts.

Personalized T-Shirts

When I was a teenager, I was exposed to street dance and began to have a crazy love for street culture. The influence of retro brands on my clothing awareness for more than ten years, coupled with the influence of street culture, made our retro style unique.

This BPCALL Custom T-shirt has been worn for about a year and a half, and the upper body is not many times. Since it is more compassionate, it is also well maintained.

Personalized T-Shirts

The feel of this Custom T-shirt is okay. Although it is a fashion brand, it does not have a logo design and can not see the brand, except for the label with the BACALL logo. The upper body of this Custom T-shirt has the texture of pure cotton, and it feels close to the feeling of pure cotton autumn clothes.

Personalized T-Shirts

However, the size of his family may be a little smaller. The 180XL size that I bought is similar to the 175 of other homes. It is not too thin, but the overall shape is too small. Maybe the previous version is more suitable for Japanese. And the neckline is too tight, it may get stuck when wearing it, so you need to pay attention when wearing it. It is recommended to buy one size up.